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Sprinklr is an American software company based in New York City that develops a SaaS customer experience management (CXM) platform. The company's software, also called Sprinklr, utilizes artificial intelligence and combines different applications for social media marketing, social advertising, content management, collaboration, employee advocacy, customer care, social media research, and social media monitoring.

A former employee posted a review on G2 in October 2018 about his/her experience working for Sprinklr:

"The team at Sprinklr has made my experience with the tool at 2 companies complete garbage. The team is not knowledgeable and not only do they make little effort to assist, but they also don't find solutions. It feels constantly like the Sprinklr team isn't paid enough and they're all terrible at client services. I cannot recommend them less. The people I've worked with at Sprinklr never know what they're talking about and cannot solve client troubles."


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Solutions Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Take up an opportunity with Sprinklr only if, you are filling a gap in any of the teams and not part of an expansion process. They have zero vision in terms of their expansion and they do not think about growing careers.ZeroNo job security. No growth"

Sales (Former Employee) says

"Unfortunately, the heady days of hyper-growth and fun culture had long since left Sprinklr when I joined. I hope I never despise my job as much as I did there. The culture was unbelievably toxic and the team in charge had no idea how to treat and get the best out of people.SnacksTerrible culture, lack of respect, total lack of support, micromanagement."

Software Engineer (Former Employee) says

"The product vision is messy and the software lifecycle is even messier. The codebase is highly unstable and the deadlines to develop new features are impractical. You won't be acknowledged for your work and you will be a slave to the company.Free foodEverything you want from a company, it doesn't have."

Product Engineering Intern (Former Employee) says

"Only one thing they brag about is that their pay is good. No time devoted to interns. No mentor provided. No appreciation even if project goal are attained way better than expected. Meeting with manager happened biweekly that too were delayed.Only one thing they brag about is that their pay is good.No time devoted to interns, No mentor provided, No appreciation even if project goal are attained way better than expected, Meeting with manager happened biweekly that too were delayed."

Business Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Where your career goes to die. There's no path for advancement, no routine checkin with subordinates, no feedback loop, no clear direction for how your career is being mapped out. If you're considering a job at Sprinklr in implementations, consider elsewhere. I'm afraid my career is dying and will be stuck with Sprinklr for longer than I need to be."

N/A (Current Employee) says

"No work/ life balance. The path for advancement is unclear, and employees are always left guessing what they need to do to get to the next level. Office culture is not great."

Solutions Consultant (Current Employee) says

"To be honest, you should be fortunate enough to be hired at Sprinklr Inc. It is a good company to work for but it totally depends upon the title, geography and if you are filling a gap or are just a mere extension to the team. My advise, if they are expanding, it's the wrong time to get in because they have LIFO principle and sometimes are quite random.Good payNo Job security, No fun activities, Excess internal processes"

Product Engineer (Current Employee) says

"Nobody cares about the quality of the code, or the the user experience or documentation. The management is completely focused on just shipping out features at any cost. This unnecessary pressure leads to more bugs and more problems in the long run"

Monteur (Former Employee) says

"Du ackerst dich zu tode , leistest mehr als 100% aber zurück bekommt man nur 50% !Viele abzüge !"

Account Executive (Current Employee) says

"Empresa altamente exigente, recomendo para quem tem uma pegada de vida 100% focada no trabalho, acostumad@ com muita cobrança e procure desafios todos os dias.Prestações e variável.Pouca qualidade de vida."

Experience Manager (Current Employee) says

"Management doesn't communicate itself, there is a clear divide between senior and junior roles. When layoffs happen, the entire leadership team disappears. No one will hear from them for weeks and suddenly your job will be downsized and you'll never know why."

Project Manager (Former Employee) says

"I liked being in Sprinklr for the fact they really cared about the employee, I kind of liked the environment which is truly global and got to work with global teams"


"Lots of growing pains at the time. It's really been a while so my review probably is no longer really applicable. Lots of challenges faced by management, but overall on the right track."

Social media community Manager (Former Employee) says

"Good place to learn and grow professionally, Nice perks and management. Creative team and provide all the necessary facilities for the employees. Fun working."

Financial Analyst (Current Employee) says

"Very productive and fun work environment. Helpful co-workers. As it is a start up, one has to wear many hats. An amazing learning curve. Very good management."

Rehana Roshan says

"They are hopeless with there services, they product is no good. very disappointed :("

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